Oct 20, 2011

Come On, You Can Take It

I can't take it.
Some days it builds up inside of me like a smell and
I can't let it out.
I'm, really? seriously? asshole.
I want to send e-mails that say, you know, fuck you.
I just think about how Himmler organized the death camps.
I want to name something "My 10 Years of Struggle Against
Ignorance, Cowardice and Stupidity."
Even my friends don't make it better.
I regret decisions I've made.
I think about reversing myself, but I'm too lazy.
I can't forget something.
That something can get lodged and I want to burn it.
I think, well, there are people who you can never win with.
There are also decisive actions, consequences, circumstances, etc.

Oct 6, 2011

Oct 4, 2011