May 1, 2010

PPP!!! Reading

If you were at the reading last night in the BSU library, as I read from Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!, then I really appreciate it. That was nice of you to show up. If you bought a copy of the book, thanks again. If you weren't there, what I want to say is a few things about it and some of the following hours.

Tyler's parents were there and that was very sweet and also some kind students and colleagues and friends were there (some serious overlap in these categories.) My sweet wife Jengi had a cake made with the Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! cover reproduced in the icing. It was cool. I'd have a picture of it if I knew where her camera was and I knew how to operate it better and I wasn't so lazy. But, also also, Kelli made poster of the cover, largely composed of Starburst candies.

And, afterward, there were many drinks and toasts and whatnot. Meatballs and hoo-ha. The kids were gone and so we could be loudish and discuss the early days of British metal. That's called a good time. I was, like, Think Lizzy! Thin Lizzy! But people also talked about Bon Scott!

And really just kindness, which is good. And people say, Well, what about poetry? And you're like, I don't know, but something.