May 22, 2011

The People that Exist

A person has a car, they use it to drive
A person has a voice and so they use it, they
sing or talk or grunt in funny little ways.
People use their mouths to maul
their food, or to kiss a loved one.
People have friends. They call friends and say words.
They exchange glances and noises.
One person buys another person dinner.
One person has an idea and they ask another person
for an opinion.
Life is always moving into a new event.
Have you witnessed the nature of popular movies
and the always changing into something that is the sameness
of pop music? You are probably aware of the passage
of time and the little anomalies.
That's not the sort of thing I'm thinking about in
this particular event. Here, I'm addressing
something both more primitive and
stranger. To me, there is such a thing as a swimming pool
that swims in you.
Imagine the way neighbors have to negotiate the fence
between their properties? Do you see where I'm going?
In spite of everything, it's tiring using
language to get to something.
Certain people have certain strengths and certain weaknesses.
All of this stuff comes to light sometime.
Or it doesn't. Who knows?
People know about mysteries or they don't.
People understand mysteries or they don't.
A person can look at a cloud and see a shape
or they can't.