Jun 17, 2011


Get the Hebrew version! You know you want it.

Below is the Google translator version of what the above book page says:

Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! Wild and puzzling book of Peter Davis, is the funniest books of poetry written in the genre notoriously gloomy seriousness.

Davis, poet venom - first pathetic, has won cult status in contemporary American poetry scene. His book, his second, can be read as a unit consisting of dozens of introductions to songs. Davis just wants to write a good song, but the percentage of performance anxiety is moving manic depression, megalomania deployment, and beg the reader's love, and per visitor estimates of full professor. Peter Davis's plea touched our hearts, so we decided to bring the Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! The Hebrew reader, translated by Oded Carmeli.


Song that relates to readers from other countries

I do not know how, but I believe that this song applies to you and your country.Although I myself from the United States, my song is not an American song. Actually Ithink in many ways is a poem anti - American. Not really his first two sentences, nor in this case, but I think the third sentence proves it well.