Nov 4, 2011

Mr. Exhausted

Sometimes a thought is recorded for some
reason that is very mercurial and stupid.
You get caught leaving peanut butter on the counter!
You leave crumbs all over the bathroom!
These little sick teardrops spill from the jowls of the tired.
The weak and lonely weep and place phone calls.
Often, no one is home.
On other occasions, the whole neighborhood awakes.
On these night, like so many times past, the kindling is
kept in the mattresses and also stuffed into underwear.
The whole world set ablaze with bleary wakefulness.
Do you remember what it's like to go sailing?
Have you ever been upon a boat? They sort of tilt and tilt back
again quickly as the waves bounce jumpy. It can be
disorienting for a person accustomed to a more stable
foot pedestal. This is why I mention it. Suppose the whole
world drowned, how would you know I was gone?