Feb 17, 2011

8:51 in The Evening

I should work. I mean I need to get some work done. There's work
I need to do. Like, I should do that work that I've been meaning
to do. There's all that stuff that I haven't done, that I need to do, so
I should do that shit and get it over with. I need to work on
stuff that is related to my job. My job is always requiring me to
work. I mean, seriously, it's always saying
"Dude, get your shit together. Do your work. Get
it done." And I say stuff like, "Yea, I know. I know. I know." I don't
know what to say to work. I mean, I look at it. I think about it.
I know it has to get done and it does it get mostly done, but, then, sometimes
I guess it doesn't. I mean, I know I should do it, but it's hard. Why? is
what I wonder. Why is working on work so hard? I mean, it's
only work. Why should work be a big deal? It shouldn't be. And yet,
every year my annual report is due to my department I think,
my god, you are simply work that is unworkable. I can not deal
with your inconvenient necessity. I sit here thinking about
the work. Thinking about the work. Thinking, what is work?
What is work? Thinking I've got to do work. I mean, I've just got to do it.