Feb 7, 2011

Living the Life

It's possible for a dartboard to quiver
in the fashion of a fish, quivering in the fashion
of fish quivering. This isn't exactly something
you want to try and make a living at. Good god!
Even if you try to adjust your collar
so as to make yourself more understandable
to the neighbor lady (or something like that) you
don't get better at anything by practicing the
piano. I mean if you waste all your time with
that shit, you won't get anywhere. You should make
room in your heart for people who live elsewhere
and, if possible, you should allow perfect
strangers to sleep in your cabinets and all throughout
the house. This idea of protecting your family
is nuts! Seriously, by the time I begin to wrap
my head around the thing, it's already unwrapping
and there I go, perfectly off into nothing.