Feb 11, 2011

Very Funny

My daughter talking with her dolls
down the hall
and my son bouncing around making whooshing
and blasting sounds from, like, laser guns or some
sort of weapon noise. And then the Pokemon cards
not to mention the road of doom outside
with all the ice frozen on ice and, then, there's Friday. And that's
a day when something can happen. Often
tragedies become necessary to avoid certain aliments
or certain futures which aren't ever real
but are possible. And what bothers me in this particular
scenario is the great deal of time it takes animators
to complete certain animation cartoon movies. I mean
you most likely have no idea what that's like. That's
like a bunch of time to animate a fucking movie.
And now the weird feeling comes when you
feel outside of your body but not perfectly out of your body.
It's like a dislocated shoulder, it feels very funny.