Mar 16, 2011

Better Person

Perhaps I could drink less or do the laundry more. I may be able
to more frequently extend gracious gestures to strangers.
I could be a better teacher, father, husband, brother, and son.
I could be a better musician, lover, graphic artist and writer.
When at a restaurant, a person could always leave a larger tip
and I am certainly a person. Today, I saw a person flagrantly
litter and I did not
get up and retrieve the litter, but I did condemn her
in my mind, thinking, I was better than she was. I could be a better
person than that. I should probably be more gracious
with my forgiveness and should probably be less
hopeful for apologies. I'm really awful on the whole.
I should probably purchase less gas, less energy, less water.
I should do so much less. I should do less so much more
often. It's impossible to catch the guy who is leading
this race. But I could try harder. That's what I'm doing, Tina.
Motherfucker! What do you think this is about?