Mar 12, 2011

The Crime

Being a criminal is situational. Either
the situation or the act happens or
other things may happen. It's often awfully
ambiguous. The situation or action is
often palpable but also possibly not
happening. What doesn't happen happens
often. Often, the non-happening is happening
so frequently that you can't even feel it.
That's when the law gets involved and
they start hassling or not hassling you,
or taking you into to custody or not, and,
my friend, there you stand as a regular asshole.
Not alone in the world, but not exactly as
part of a team. At those moments you freeze
into an idiot that nearly everyone knows. If
they don't know you, they think they do or
want to. It's all the same. Meanwhile,
a goofy quilt of sameness seems ill-formed
and loopy. Like stupid after-dinner mints
and other ideas that aren't good or bad all
on their own. I just make it up. Like you,
a poor imagination.