Mar 15, 2011

Meeting Arrangements

Arranging meetings is part of life and must
be attended to with
the same diligence applied to other aspects of life that are likewise
attended to. First, there must be a person elsewhere and
he or she will have to find a spot in the universe
coinciding with your spot in the universe
and at a specific hour, etc. In a perfectly namable
set of coordinates. How nice it is to have numbers! or not, especially
when they mislead you
into thinking an equal sign that might not even be possible.
You have hopes!
You make phone calls!
You do this stuff in anticipation of something, man!
This isn't just good times until it becomes something more.
A whole lifetime happens and is gone, in a sad way,
out of the door over the dirt floor.
You are alone with memories and voices through communication
and just a small, still drop of water falls through
your beard.
A tear in your beard is a very great country song.
Though the education one receives about song-yness
is lacking, one must trust in something
to be pure about. Without some sense of self-rightousness
we'd all be naked little imps with no hard on.
Believe me, I'm open to certain possibilities! Trying!