Mar 14, 2011

Loving the Affected

I was standing there, like, no way! I'm not fucking kidding!
No way!
But there was another reality and that was a real deal happening
that was, like, not "no way," but, like, "yes, man, do it."
This terrible place in life that we move into, it's not ours for the taking,
rather, it's just ours.
Imagine the way police cars screech through traffic in a 1970's cop movie.
Imagine the reality television shows that show you humans who are worse
than yourself.
When you really consider the details, it's staggering. Or not. How do
you appreciate an older movie star actor or actress?
Do you like blue jeans and strut? Or satin and suave? It's not an
important question,
but not asking it would be a dereliction of duty. Course, there is
no duty, only empty fainting sounds.
The whole cast of faintees is semi-upset by their involvement, while
they understand there is no choice.
The ape in the circus is fake!
The cape and the top hat are fake!
Your little moon is beautiful!