Apr 4, 2011

The Alsoness of Living

One good thing on the television is chef Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares program
in which he rehabs bad restaurants. First he breaks the will of the owner/chef/whoever
of a bad restaurant by belittling them and the operation for a while. Then
he watches them work and tells them what a fucked up job they're doing.
And finally he changes the menu, redecorates, re-trains the staff, oversees
a successful dinner service and, poof, he disappears into the back of my television. This show is so, so good because the way all of the stuff that happens
in it happens is always really entertaining and thus fun and real good, you know?
Other interesting things include certain branches of science and different pastry shops.
I also am a fan of zero calorie flavored waters that usually come in plastic bottles.
Some people really like saunas. The world can be like that. I've noticed that some
men enjoy wearing gold, silver, or platinum bracelets! It takes time to notice, but as
the weather changes during the course of a day, the temperature may vary slightly, or
drastically. This type of circumstance can be appreciated for what it is. I enjoy wearing
shoes, but some people don't like them. Once, it occurred to me that
people have various thoughts regarding sex and that one person may personally really enjoy
a certain sexual idea that another person may enjoy too, but to a lesser degree. I
find the whole event of being a person is a tad bizarre. Just today, returning from
an errand in my car, I noticed there were other people out there and that, by and
large, they look different from one another! Everywhere I seemed to look, there was
a person and that person was different in appearance from the previous person! Wild!
Coming into my house I noticed the evidence of animals, perhaps birds or chipmunks.
I thought, there are bats hiding in dark places right now. As I understand it, other people
have thoughts as well. Some may have seen the evidence of animals too!