Apr 10, 2011

One Problem with Children

The only known solution to a lost child is to
find the child and return the child to wherever
the child is from. There's a girl lost in the neighborhood.
There are children all over the world who disappear.
There are children everywhere that are being mistreated
badly. So much so that nobody understands the
nature of, say, even a basketball game. We look like
very stupid faces when we get on TV and try to
predict the course of the future. O, the future! That
vibrant little package of hope! We are unwrapping
it even now. Even now we are unwrapping it more.
It keeps unwrapping and we keep speaking about
our faces and how stupid they are. Even very stupid
writing poetry! I mean, of course, poetry. The parts
you don't count on are what sticks from the past,
that vibrant mercurial beast of Cling Town. From those
cages whole hosts are unleashed and breathe forth
with biblical happiness. Which is hardly happy but
at least able to set fire to cities and kill, say, everything.