Apr 3, 2011

Death Urge!

People get upset about PC language because they've had it
their way for so long and got to determine the good and
bad for so long that they feel something's been taken away from them
when someone else says, hey, I think I'm going to assert myself
into the language too. It's just these tadpole ideas that grow into real frogs leaping
with slippery death legs, an egyptian plague that was promised and
now there are piles of frogs everywhere and everywhere one steps one
steps on an alive frog or a dead frog. All this stuff in the universe, including the
young couples that stroll through neighborhoods, the joggers, the various
killers of humans, the etc, like, say, the extra movements of the trees, the rustling-dealeo
we usually mention when we mention the wind causing these extra, twitchy movements
in the trees. All of this stuff is like something taken away from someone else.
All of this stuff is like something awarded to a pumpkin. Every sin I am in love
with is in love with me too and we get together and get some real love on!