Apr 13, 2011


One drives a car because the car is a set of functions
that requires a person to activate it. So you
activate that shit and you pull out of your driveway
and you follow various signs and you direct
your face and auto toward something that isn't
immediately available. That is called the future.
The future, as I understand it, is a concept meant to
indicate something that may or may not happen
in an hour that is to come. All of the hours that come
seem similar to the hours that have passed, except
for when they deviate wildly, causing very strange
sensations that cause readjustments in the attitude
or outlook of your mind-eye. Jesus, Tina,
seriously, you should get this. All of your time
studying various philosophy and yet you still look at
me all gape-mouthed? It's simple: certain concepts
instruct you pretty much so just by thinking them.