Apr 1, 2011

Like, Something

I find the rain like a reminder of something, like,
I don't know, Holy Crap! It's Friday and in one room a child
is flushing a toilet and singing and in another room a
another is making lots of whooshing, zapping noises
and my dog is under my legs and my legs are up on the table
and someone says I'm looking down at the ceiling
and down there is danger that has the face of a, like,
deep down clown in a distance. Following the sound
of distances, yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck!
Yuck yuck yuck yuck I say to my head because my head
needed a talking to. So I talked indeed as I was cozying
up with a blanket, a beanbag, and another blanket.
For some reason I get extra cold sometimes. Have you
experienced the sensation of being chilled? It's not like
you're freezing to death, but something unpleasant is happening.
I know long ago in different scenarios I imagined new ways
to cope with various sensations, but each time I have to
pull out the blanket I seem to lose a bit of my life.
It's hard to describe in detail, especially since you can
be such a little bitch, Tina! I'm trying to say something new
about the universe and all you fucking care about is
padding your sense of security. You can be so petty.