Apr 23, 2011


I don't believe in ghosts. Meaning,
I don't believe that spirits live on or something
and then kinda float around knocking things over
and causing water pipes to make extra nosies
and/or maybe making semi-scary moaning
sounds and/or appearing as bright orbs or
something in the background or foreground
of photographs. I know people say they've
seen ghosts and heard ghosts and felt
ghostly presences and all of that, but I don't
buy it. I think all of those people are in some way
mistaken. I don't think they're lying, I just think
they're confused about what happened. Have you
been confused before? It's an unpleasant sensation.
To remedy this sensation, human beings come
up with explanations. These explanations vary
in their degree of believability. I myself have
believed stuff before. That sensation is much
more enjoyable than the sensation of confusion.
Confusion feels funny in your bones. It might
shift around a little and make you feel as if you're
on a boat. That boat may be in a storm. That
storm may be causing giant waves to crash on
the deck. That deck needed to be cleaned anyway.
The death of the sailors is like the death of all
ghosts, sinking to the floor of the ocean and waiting
there, patiently, for something to make them realer.