Apr 29, 2011

Having Real Ideas

No one cares if this is written or if I say
something or nothing. No one cares if, for once,
something happens or doesn't. I know people
who have strong feelings, but very few
of them know my initials. I have parents but
they have no bullhorns or cheer routines. No
one cares if I move on to something else, or if I stick
to something for a long, long, lengthy time.
Time gets very stretchy, like warmish taffy.
Time possess a similarity in sweetness and plasticity.
Also, there are wars and rumors of wars.
Also, for god so loved his something.
Also, there are different allusions that could be created
and many of them could be biblical in nature.
For instance, well, I think this has been covered.
For instance, fear not, for thou are with me, be
very afraid because I'm not easy to find but
I'm watching from a vase of fake flowers!