Apr 16, 2011

B-Boy Ideas

You should accompany yourself with a radio
so as fill your brain with stuff so as to travel
more distractedly and thus more easily like a
quiet child, putting things away in an efficient
manner. You should bring extra radios
in case you must present one to a stranger
or leave one in the blank hands of an Amish boy.
If you are a person who enjoys horses,
then bring a horse or two. Or if you enjoy
baking, bring yourself baking supplies
and a decent sized portable oven. I can't know
all of your interests and beliefs, but use these
examples as examples of the kind of material
that is permissible, even encouraged in
small pockets of the population. Still I'm sure
the most important items are not transportable
and can't be folded into sections or unassembled
and really, besides, mostly we don't want
that shit, which would ultimately bog us down
into those muddy swamps we've been trying
to evolve from for, like, at least 15 minutes.
Seriously, it may have as much as 20 or 25
minutes. I'm old school. I think like that.